Helping Doulas to Help Families

The Community Doula Birth Program is the first organization in Maine to provide reduced cost doula care to families in need. We are dedicated to the belief that everyone deserves a doula at their birth, regardless of income. Many of our families are immigrants, refugees, those experiencing extreme financial hardship due to unexpected illness or other crises.


At the same time, we know how intimidating it can before a newly-trained doula to set out into the birth world with little to no experience. We are dedicated to growing the doula community and are ready to match doulas with families. To support you through this process, we provide you with forms and guidance for prenatal and postpartum visits.  We also match you with an experienced mentor who will be there discuss prenatal visits, provide support during your birth, and be there for any questions you may have.


As a doula with the Community Doula Birth Program, you:

  • Must be willing to do 2 prenatal visits, be on call for up to 4 weeks each birth, attend the birth from once the client calls until after the birth of the baby, assist with breastfeeding, and do 1-2 postpartum visits

  • Will be matched with an experienced mentor to help you every step of the way

  • Be provided paperwork and tools to use during prenatal and postpartum visits

  • Have the support and resources of a non-profit organization

  • Willing to contribute $50-100 sliding fee to the program in return for the services, resources, mentoring and experience you will be receiving


As part of CDBP, you are not allowed to:

  • Diagnosis or treat medical concerns

  • Make decisions on your client’s behalf

  • Promise any specific outcomes