Our Mission

Our mission at the Community Doula Birth Program (CDBP) is to improve overall birth outcomes by providing evidence-based education, continuous professional labor support, and community connections to growing families in Southern Maine. CDBP is also dedicated to growing the doula community by providing new doulas with connections to expectant families, workshops, and doula mentorship.

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Our Impact

The Community Doula Birth Program provides a sliding scale to ensure everyone has access to a doula. We are able to provide reduced cost doula services to low-income pregnant people in the Greater Portland area by connecting doulas-in-training with families in need. We provide services to MaineCare participants, those in a financial hardship, refugees, immigrants, VBACs, planned cesareans… everyone! Doulas-in-training are matched with experienced mentors who provide support through the course of their services.

The Community Doula Birth Program is not just for those who are experiencing financial hardship. We have a sliding scale that is applicable to everyone. Your payment helps to provide doulas for those could not otherwise afford them. So not only do you get the support you need, you also help to support another pregnant person through their journey.

Why hire a doula?

Randomized studies of 15,000 people showed that those supported by a doula were:



less likely to use any pain medication



less likely to have a cesarean section



less likely to use synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin) to speed up labor