“Are you pregnant or panning to become pregnant? Have you ever thought of having a doula? A doula is someone who is at the birth for you. They meet with you before your birth and help you make a birth plan, so when you go into labor they know what you want and can help advocate for you. They help encourage you to meet your birthing goals and support you if you change your mind. I know I can’t imagine going through a birth without a doula there for me.

I had Dean, my partner, and my mom with me and they were wonderful but having my doula made all the difference. When during my 18hr labor both Dean and my mom needed a break my doula encouraged them to take a break and reenergize so they could better support me. During their break she was there for me. I went though Community Doula Birth Program. They worked with my family to make my birthing experience affordable for my family and amazing! They are based in the Portland area. I live in Lewiston and they were very willing to come to Lewiston for my birth! I recommend them to anyone who is pregnant and looking for a doula! I encourage you to contact them. They are very kind and helpful, and I am sure they would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!”

-Brie Merrifield

“In January 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting my first two babies. I was displaced without a regular home or family, and from early on in pregnancy, started to seek help realizing that I was fighting an uphill battle, x 2. I needed support desperately during the process of birthing and new motherhood. I also had no money to pay for all of the help that I needed.

Fortunately, I was able to receive support from the Community Doula Birth Program. Melissa and Kendall began visiting us at home once we got home from hospital. Kendall, a retired neonatal nurse, gave us health checkups in between doctor appointments and much needed advice for this worry wart novice mom throughout the first few months. Melissa has been visiting us weekly and offering advice, support, and needed items as well as company, and the opportunity to eat and shower and generally feel human. She has been the most reliable support for us over these first 6 months and has been a great support and encouragement for me in my uphill battle to breastfeed twins.
Just knowing that I have support and seeing a kind, intelligent, humorous lady who is affectionate toward the boys makes a world of difference for me and encourages me to forge on happily. New and returning mothers can all benefit from the support and care of a Doula. It takes a village, they say, and not just for the babies.”