Our Board


Melissa Tomback, CD(DONA), President, Attorney (JD) and Doula Mentor

Melissa Tomback is a doula practicing in the Greater Portland area since 2013. She was inspired to enter the doula world by her own birth experiences, the first in a hospital and the second at home with a doula assisting. She was amazed at how the presence of a doula really made a difference in the way she was able to relax and cope. She strives to ensure that women have a positive birth experience and brings knowledge of breathing & focusing techniques from yoga to the labor process. Melissa is an attorney and helped establish CDBP as a nonprofit corporation. She lives in Portland with her two kids.


Rebecca Goodwin, Professional Doula, LMT Vice-President, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) & Doula Mentor
Rebecca Goodwin is a doula and Licensed Massage  Therapist who has been practicing in the Greater Portland area since 2001. In her dedication to birth, Rebecca has cultivated a respected presence in the medical birthing community. She strives to foster a successful and memorable pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience for each family. Rebecca serves as the director of mentors of CDBP doulas-in-training. She is an accomplished triathlete and spin instructor living in North Yarmouth with her husband and two children.


Melissa Agro, CPM, NHCM

Melissa is a Certified Professional Midwife, New Hampshire Certified Midwife, and owner at Bayside Midwifery, LLC. She provides care to families seeking home birth and holistic reproductive care in Southern Maine & New Hampshire. Melissa's passion for pregnancy and birth comes from creating safe places, autonomy, and giving voices to those who are often overlooked. She worked as a doula in the Portland area from 2011-2017 and is now providing mentorship to other doulas in the community. She believes in the transformative power of pregnancy & birth, and hopes to provide as many families as possible with the information & support they need to feel empowered. She believes that positive births can happen in any setting, as long as we have the right tools and support, and that doulas are essential in bridging that gap. 


Jeanne “Gia” Bartolomeo, MBA, Treasurer, Doula, Mentor

Gia enjoyed a 22-year career in Information Technology, primarily serving in Maine and Massachusetts, providing business systems analysis, training, teaching, and managing technical service operations for both large and small companies. Her IT career culminated in serving at the level of Vice President with a large financial services company In Boston, MA. In 2001, she left the corporate sector to serve as primary teacher for the 7th and 8th grade students at private K-8 school in Arlington, MA. She continued to serve in this position until 2008, when she decided to return to Maine and retire. Since then, she has been serving non-profit corporations working part time as a bookkeeper/finance manager. Gia began assisting births for women without partners in 1985 while living in Hartford, Connecticut and received formal doula training through DONA in 2009. During those early years being a doula often meant waiting around the ER for women in labor who needed support, and since then she has served women in need in hospitals and homes throughout Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Her board experience includes current board Officer position with Ruth’s Reusable Resources, Community Doula Birth Program and PraeSpero. She formerly served on the Blue Heron School of Maine/Aucocisco School board during their transitioned from private to non-profit. Gia enjoys spending as much time in the outdoors as possible with her grandchildren, Bear and Piper. She currently lives in a stone cottage in Saco with two cats, Weon and Coco.


Kathryn Rosenblum Moxhay

Kathryn co-founded and for several years co-directed Ballard House, a Freestanding Birth Center in Portland.  Since then she has lead the efforts of several Peaks Island non-profits, taught and run programming at the Island schools and raised three kids.  The mission of CDBP fits perfectly with her interests in birth, families and community